Mike Celebrates 20 Years As M.P.

Image00002Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman was in Ilford on Saturday 27 October for the celebration event at Ilford Golf Club for Mike Gapes 20 years as Member of Parliament.  150 Party members enjoyed a meal and an evening of music and general celebration.

Harriet spoke of Mike’s years of work for Labour, and how he had raised the Labour majority from a mere 402 when first unexpectedly elected in this former Tory stronghold in 1992 to more than 11,000 today.

Image00001Mike is an avid West Ham supporter and was presented with a signed and framed shirt. The room was decorated in claret and blue.

This year we managed to achieve having a Labour Mayor and Deputy, despite the Tory/Lib Dem coalition running the Council.  Speaking as Mayor, Cllr. Muhammed Javed spoke of Mike’s dedication to the community.

In his message of thanks Mike spoke of the problems now being faced by Ilford people and the need to unite to work and defeat the Tories and LibDems to form a new Labour Government in 2015.

Thanks are due to the Musicians Union, the staff at the Ilford Golf Club and everyone who worked to make the event a success.

Image00003Our photo’s show Mike receiving his shirt from Harriet and Cllr. Dev Sharma. Harriet and Mike talking to GMB Stewards at their table, Mike with his mother and Harriet Harman and the Mayoress (top), and Mike and Harriet with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Cllrs.Muhammad Javed and Elaine Norman.


Redbridge Young Labour Elects New Committee


Last week Redbridge Young Labour, the active youth wing of the Redbridge Labour Party elected a strong new committee from across Redbridge.

The AGM, held in Ilford South, saw officer positions contested with inspiring speeches from candidates who discussed the issues affecting them; ranging from the lack of leisure facilities, crime and safety to support for victims of domestic violence.

Commenting on the AGM, John Howard the Chairman of Redbridge Young Labour said:” I am pleased to see almost double the number of members attend our AGM than we had last year.”

He went on to say: “It’s great to see such enthusiasm from young people to make positive change in their communities through the Labour Party. Our AGM has attracted many new faces this year from a diverse background all with some excellent new ideas.”

Commenting on the results, Varinder Singh, the Youth Officer for Ilford South Constituency Labour Party said: “I am really excited about the year ahead. We’ve got some vibrant new faces on board who have some excellent ideas to shape the next Labour Party manifesto.”

He further added: “The contribution of Redbridge Young Labour is recognised across the party and already we have moved motions in support of the upcoming National Union of Students (NUS) demonstration and in support of International Students at London Metropolitan University.”

Follow Redbridge Young Labour at: www.twitter.com/redbridgeRYL

Campaigning in Valentines Ward

Stall Green Fair_cr2

The London elections may be over but Labour Party members are still out campaigning.  This month the focus is on Valentines Ward.  Councillors and local members will be out speaking to residents and delivering the latest newsletter.

Click here to see the newsletter on line.

If you have an issue you want to raise with your local councillors, wherever you live in Ilford South, find their contact details here.

DSCF4036If you live in Valentines Ward and want to get more involved, you could register as a Party Supporter for free. This would mean you will be kept informed of all forthcoming Party events. If introduced by an existing member you could join the Labour Party for £15 for the first year. Ring 020 8911 0899 or email contact@ilfordouthlabour.org.uk if you want more information.

The photographs show Party members running a stall at the successful Redbridge Green Fair, held at the beginning of the month in Valentines Park.

Redbridge Young Labour Welcomes Proposals To Tackle Youth Unemployment

Earlier this week the youth wing of the Redbridge Labour Party welcomed proposals by the Party of European Socialists ( PES) to tackle the crisis of youth unemployment in Europe.

The proposals include the introduction of a Europe-wide youth guarantee, ensuring that every young person in Europe is offered a job, further education or work-focused training at the latest four months after leaving education or becoming unemployed.

The proposals also call for a European framework regulation in internships to be implemented, protecting young people from exploitation.

Mandy and redbridge Young LabourJohn Howard, Chair of Redbridge Young Labour said:-

‘Despite the coalition governments promises, the youth locally and nationally are facing ever increasing barriers to education, training and professional development’

He further added ‘ By scrapping the Education Maintenance Allowance, increasing university tuition fees and failing to invest in the economy in order to create new jobs has inevitably contributed to high levels of youth unemployment’

Varinder Singh Youth Officer of the Ilford South Constituency Labour Party agreed stating that :-

‘Redbridge Council needs to do more to ensure that youth services are accessible and that more training opportunities are created’

The Redbridge Labour Parties have an active youth wing which meets regularly and organises social events. Some of their members are shown here canvassing with Labour’s GLA Candidate Mandy Richards during the recent elections. If you are under 26 and want to know more contact:-

John Howard 07951 242488 Or Varinder Singh 07912 622395

Mandy Narrowly Fails To Oust Tory: Labour up 39%, Tories down 32%, Lib Dems down 48%

Mandy RichardsThe elections on Thursday 3rd May saw Mandy Richards, Labour’s candidate for the Havering and Redbridge seat on the Greater London Assembly, reduce Conservative Roger Evans majority from 43,025 in 2008 down to just 3,899.

This fantastic result was due to the extremely hard work of Mandy and Labour Party members in the constituency since she was selected as the candidate in 2010. There was a disappointing turnout on the day, down by more than 8% from 2008. Yet, in Havering & Redbridge, Labour achieved an astonishing increase of 39%, or nearly 14,000 votes.

By comparison, the Tories’ vote fell by 32%, losing 25,000 votes.

The Liberal Democrat vote was down by a devastating 48% to just 6,453 votes as they trailed in 5th behind UKIP and the London Residents Association. With less than 5% of the vote they have lost their deposit.

The elections for the GLA have left the Labour Party across London with 12 seats, Conservatives 9, Green Party 2 and Liberal Democrats 2. Boris Johnson was re-elected as London Mayor, but only after a much closer run race with Labour’s Ken Livingstone than anyone had been predicting.

May 3rd also saw Labour making huge gains in Council seats all over England, Scotland and Wales, with poor results for both the national coalition government parties.

Voters are making it clear to the Tory/Lib Dem parties that the austerity measures are hurting, but they’re not working. The recent budget gives tax breaks to the wealthiest but raises taxes for millions of families, proving the lie in the government’s “we’re all in it together” message.

Tell Mike About Queens And King George Hospitals

Mike Gapes MP

It is now almost a year since the Care Quality Commission launched a full investigation into Queens and King George Hospitals. That first report found what many of us had been saying for a long time, that Queens could not cope, the standard of care was not up to scratch and maternity services at Queens, in particular, were poor. Since that time there are signs of improvements, but Mike Gapes feels that, as Member of Parliament, he is receiving far too many complaints of poor care especially of the elderly, and of poor food.

The Care Quality Commission is due to report back next month, and Mike needs to be fully prepared to know how to evaluate their findings. It is important that to know as much as possible about your experiences of care at Queens and King George.

Mike Gapes has thefefore joined with colleague M.P’s Margaret Hodge and Jon Cruddas in a publicity campaign launched in this weeks Dagenham Post and Ilford Recorder asking for news on your experiences, positive or otherwise.

Please get in touch if you have been in either hospital in the past few months. You can e mail Mike at mike.gapes.mp@parliament.uk, or write to the Constituency Office at 6 Mildmay Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1DT or telephone on 020 8911 0899.

Eddie Izzard Visits Ilford To Back Ken Livingstone

Cllrs. Eddie Izzard Town Hall steps

Eddie Izzard was in Ilford on Thursday 15 March to promote the campaign to elect Ken Livingstone for Mayor and Mandy Richards for the GLA Assembly.

He joined our Team and mixed with shoppers in the High Road. Many wanted to talk about their issues of concern.


Better Off With Ken

Ken Livingstones websiteBetter off with Ken is Labour’s campaign message for the Mayoral Election, with 6 key pledges that address the squeeze on Londoners’ quality of life.

The slogan sums up Ken’s Case for a fairer London and will be at the forefront of Labour’s campaign as the election kicks off in earnest.

Ken Livingstone’s campaign pledges directly address the rising cost of living which is squeezing millions of Londoners. Ken has pledged to:-

  • Cut fares by 7 per cent this year – saving the average Londoner £1,000 over 4 years.
  • Reverse Boris Johnson’s Police cuts, and restore local sergeants.
  • Help reduce rents, improve homes with a London non-profit lettings agency.
  • Tackle heating bills – through insulation and an energy co-op to reduce prices and help households save over £150 per year.
  • London Education Maintenance Allowance of up to £30 per week to help young people stay in education.
  • Support for childcare with grants and interest free zones – and campaign against Tory cuts to childcare tax credits.

Boris Johnson has made Londoners worse off with year on year bus, tube and train fare hikes. Boris Johnson has failed to oppose his Governments attack on ordinary living standards.

mandy and Ken in London




Ken Livingstone In Seven Kings

Ken Livingstone visited Seven Kings on Saturday (7 January) to promote his Fare Deal. He spoke to residents in the High Road and then joined the Ilford South Labour Action Team, who had been calling door to door in the area since the morning, for a further canvass of houses in Pembroke and St. Albans Roads.

Ken and Seven Kings Cllrs

Our photos show Ken with the Seven Kings Councillors, Bob Littlewood, Balvinder Saund and Stuart Bellwood, with Goodmayes Councillor Barbara White and meeting residents on the doorstep with Mandy Richards the Labour GLA Candidate for Havering and Redbridge.Barbara and Ken seven Kinhs Station

From the reaction we encountered support for Ken's policies was obviously high and we will be on more doorsteps explaining what a change of Mayor can do for London in the coming weeks.Ken and Mandy on the doorstep

If you want to know more about Ken's policies for London visit the website http://www.kenlivingstone.com.

Fare Deal

Ilford South Labour Party members have been out at stations across the borough today (3 January) leafleting about the fares increase and Ken Livingstone's proposed fares deal.
Newbury Park Station Fare leafletingKen has confirmed that if elected in May 2012 he would cut fares by 7% taking them back to at least 2011 levels. Bus fares would also fall still further back to 2010 levels. The deal would also see fares frozen in 2013 and the end of Tory Mayor Boris Johnson's plan for a further inflation busting rise after that.

This is all affordable, each year Londoners pay more in fares than the Mayor's own budget predictions say they will. This operating surplus grows each year. The Tories claim the increase is to pay for improvements, but the capital budget is entirely separate from the operating budget. Ken's policy is to put money back into Londoner's pockets and purses. It is estimated that over the next 4 years the average commuter can be £1,000 better off.

Ken and Mandy
Mandy Richards, Havering and Redbridge GLA Candidate is backing Ken's campaign locally. She says:-

“In an area such as this where so many people travel to London each day, fare levels are important, for the future prosperity of London we have to ensure that people are able to afford to travel”

In our pictures Mandy is seen with Ken at a recent fundraising event and (above) with Labour members at Newbury Park. Ken will be canvassing with your local Labour Action Team in Seven Kings this coming Saturday 7 January.

Chadwell Councillors and Fare deal

The Chadwell Councillors are seen below at Chadwell Heath Station.

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