Fare Deal

Ilford South Labour Party members have been out at stations across the borough today (3 January) leafleting about the fares increase and Ken Livingstone's proposed fares deal.
Newbury Park Station Fare leafletingKen has confirmed that if elected in May 2012 he would cut fares by 7% taking them back to at least 2011 levels. Bus fares would also fall still further back to 2010 levels. The deal would also see fares frozen in 2013 and the end of Tory Mayor Boris Johnson's plan for a further inflation busting rise after that.

This is all affordable, each year Londoners pay more in fares than the Mayor's own budget predictions say they will. This operating surplus grows each year. The Tories claim the increase is to pay for improvements, but the capital budget is entirely separate from the operating budget. Ken's policy is to put money back into Londoner's pockets and purses. It is estimated that over the next 4 years the average commuter can be £1,000 better off.

Ken and Mandy
Mandy Richards, Havering and Redbridge GLA Candidate is backing Ken's campaign locally. She says:-

“In an area such as this where so many people travel to London each day, fare levels are important, for the future prosperity of London we have to ensure that people are able to afford to travel”

In our pictures Mandy is seen with Ken at a recent fundraising event and (above) with Labour members at Newbury Park. Ken will be canvassing with your local Labour Action Team in Seven Kings this coming Saturday 7 January.

Chadwell Councillors and Fare deal

The Chadwell Councillors are seen below at Chadwell Heath Station.

Save Our Services

“The unprecedented attack on front line services in Redbridge and elsewhere is not an economic necessity but is part of a wider agenda to undermine the public sector.”

So said the preamble to Labour’s motion to the budget setting council meeting at Ilford Town Hall on Thursday 3rd March.

The Tory led administration rejected the motion and pushed through £25 million cuts over the next 3 years with the help of their Lib Dem accessories. £15 million will be cut in the current year.

Cllr Bob Littlewood, Leader of the Labour Group said:

“The cuts proposed in this budget are unprecedented and unnecessary. The coalition government wants to dismantle the public services in this country.”


Chadwell Heath Station: Action promised

With a commitment to getting action to improve Chadwell Heath Train Station, Cllr Balvinder Saund and local activists organised for the Manager of ‘One’ Railway to inspect the station. Following on from this meeting, ‘One’ have promised the following action points:

  • The ticket office will be closed from 19:40 – 06:10; with the only access to the station being the side alleyway between these hours. This will ensure the ticket hall is kept safe and secure.
  • Station soft refurbishment will be implemented asap and will last two weeks (this will include brick work / paint / wood varnishing etc)
  • Ash trays for the front of ‘One’ rail stations will be rolled out over the next two weeks
  • Security agents for the stations requested – this requirement will be assessed against data around incidents (if residents have any information on incidents they are requested to let us know).
  • Wire mesh under the stairs to prevent access.
  • Covered heated seating area to be looked at by ‘One’.

The Local Labour Party will continue to monitor the station and ensure that the hard working community of Chadwell and station users get a decent train station for their money.