Debbie & Labour Win Aldborough By-Election

Last Thursday we got the fantastic news that Debbie Thiara won the Aldborough by-election for Labour with a majority of 365 and just over 50% of the vote. See what the local press are saying at:

W&W Guardian
Ilford Recorder

Mathew Goddin, Campaigns Organiser for Ilford North said:

“A massive thanks from Debbie and me for all the hard work from everybody who turned up throughout the month. This was won by activists getting out on the doorstep and meeting voters so it wouldn’t have happened without the help of those who volunteered!

This victory is an excellent platform for next years GLA and Mayoral election and a big step towards full control of the Council in 2014. Hope to see some of you at our GC next Wednesday when you can meet our new councillor and Iain McNicol the Labour Party general secretary.”

For more on this see the new Redbridge Labour website